We think we're pretty great but don't just take our word for it. Check out some of the things our students have to say about us. 

Nicole, Emergency Doctor

Nicole, Emergency Doctor

I love having so many people around who inspire you and are supportive of each other. Having this many females in particular who are all encouraging each other to do better, rather than being competitive, is an amazing community to be a part of.

Member since 2011

Sarah, Business Owner

When I started out all those years ago I would never have imagined the impact Aerial Artistry would have on my life! Many of my closest friends are from here and I've achieved things over the years I would never have dreamed of!

The atmosphere is always so welcoming for new and old members and I can't see myself ever leaving!

Member since 2011


Jess, Lecturer and Clinical Psychologist

With the support of the instructors you learn things that you couldn't believe you could do. You look at it when you first start and think "I could never do that!" and suddenly that becomes your warm up!

Member since 2013


Emma, Quality & Safety Engineer

I’m so grateful for the AAGC community; everyone is so supportive of each other’s goals and individual journeys! Training here has been the best decision for both my physical and mental health... 
It’s my favourite place to fly!

Member since 2016

Sarah, Freelance Copywriter

I found AAGC a few years in to my aerial obsession. For me, the structured classes focusing on the foundations I needed to progress safely was the biggest drawing card as it was so different to any other studio. As an added bonus, I found myself surrounded by a tribe of supportive kick ass women, some of whom have become lifelong friends.

Member since 2018

Bec, Personal Trainer

Body confidence and a sense of empowerment are just two bonuses of joining the Aerial Artistry® GC family! The students, instructors and atmosphere are amazing. You make fantastic new friends and forget you're actually exercising!

Member since 2016


Kirsty, Physiotherapist

My only regret about joining Aerial Artistry® is that I didn't do it sooner!

Over the last few years I have fallen in love with aerial arts as a way of creatively expressing myself through movement.

I've always felt safe and in capable hands because of the structured syllabus and vast teaching experiences.

Member since 2015

Bec & Amy

My daughter and I love that we share a mutual interest!

At the Amy was so inspired by me trying something new and challenging and she's so proud of me for keeping with it.

I think that's a really important message for a 10 year old child. Aerial Artistry keeps us fit, strong and happy.

Members since 2016

Belle, High School Student

I didn’t know when I walked through the doors that this would become such a big part of my life, not just for my health and fitness. It’s a place I feel safe and supported while I learn and grow. I am always inspired by Rony and the team to push myself to be better than I ever imagined. All while making great friends and laughing every day. I feel so grateful to be part of the Aerial Artistry community. 

Member since 2015