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Take a look inside our aerial studio...

With three distinct and dedicated training spaces and 30+ aerial points available at any given time, our aerial studio offers ample space for you to take flight. Our silks suspend from our 9m high ceiling allowing for a full range of dynamic sequences as you progress through the levels. For lyra classes, we have ample hoops in different sizes to suit kids and adults of varying heights. And with aerial yoga classes plus trapeze, rope and choreography private sessions also available, what's not to love? 

Aerial Artistry Helensvale silks
Aerial Artistry Helensvale aerial yoga
Aerial Artistry Helensvale aerial hoops
Aerial Artistry Helensvale silks and training area

We're more than just a pretty space 

The Aerial Artistry® studio is impressive (if we do say so ourselves) but this is just a small part of what makes us special.


Our classes are led by passionate, dedicated and experienced aerialists. These instructors have undergone a high level of teacher training to ensure that you are in the safest hands and know how to teach you to get in and out of everything you learn without hurting yourself. Warm ups, strength and flexibility training are all built into the curriculum to help prepare your body and progress your strength as you advance through our levels. 


With capped classes and an abundance of rigs in our aerial studio, you won't spend most of your time on the ground waiting for your turn. You'll generally share an apparatus with one other classmate (except during Aerial Yoga where you can hog your own hammock for the whole class), and trust us, you'll need the breather while they do their thing up in the air! Once you've progressed beyond beginners, you can come and use the equipment during open training to practise what you learn during class. 

Beyond this, our aerial studio is made just that little bit more special by our incredible students who bond together over their shared passion to form a tight knit community. Everyone celebrates each other's wins and offers support and encouragement through the frustration of mastering tricky new skills. Check out our testimonials to hear more about what our students say about their experience at Aerial Artistry®.

Why train with us? 

Hear what our students love most about Aerial Artistry®

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