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Lyra (Aerial hoop)

Learn how to bend, roll and flex yourself around this beautiful apparatus with our structured and sequential curriculum for absolute beginners through to advanced. 


Adults (18 yrs+)

If you've ever watched a circus performer dazzle the crowd on a spinning lyra and dreamed of trying it yourself, we've got you covered! Our beginners lyra classes take you through the basics, teaching you how to get into the hoop and a number of simple (but oh so pretty) positions you can hold yourself in while you develop your strength. You don't need to be super strong or flexible, though you do need to be able to comfortably hold your own body weight in a plank, pushup and straight arm bar hang position. By the end of the first term, you'll be shocked at your own strength and flexibility gains—and dying to get back in the air to learn more! Lucky for you we offer over 6 levels to work your way through after beginners plus intermediate and advanced recreational classes to keep you in the air for years to come. Each will teach you progressively harder and more complex sequences that align with your strength and knowledge level. 

Teens & Tweens (10-17 yrs)

Our Teens & Tweens lyra classes follow the same curriculum and level structure as our adults classes, guiding absolute beginners through the basics and supporting their progression to advancing levels as they gain strength. Our students thrive in a non-competitive, supportive environment led by experienced instructors who celebrate achievements and gently assist them through those skills they may need more help to master. Students have the opportunity to perform what they've learned in each level with our biannual showcase events. While performing is never compulsory, it is a wonderful opportunity for students to challenge themselves and feel a sense of accomplishment for achieving things they may not have thought they were capable of. 




Beginner lyra classes focus on teaching you how to mount and manoeuvre around the apparatus to perform basic skills as you develop your strength. We will also begin to prepare you for inverting as this is a core skill required for so many sequences. 

Prep/Level 1​ - Level 6

Each level spans two ten week terms. The first for learning the skills in the curriculum and the second focusing on putting a number of those skills together into a routine which is performed at the end of term. The skills and sequences in the silks classes will get progressively more complex but will keep pace with your strength and experience. 

Intermediate/Advanced Recreational

Now you're a master of all aerial fundamentals, plus you've got some awesome skills up your sleeve/leotard and a tonne of aerial experience! So it's onwards and upwards (pun intended) to our Inter. & Adv. recreational classes!

Each level spans two ten week terms.

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