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Junior Aerials!

The ultimate introduction to aerial arts for young, enthusiastic budding aerialists!

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Classes for all ages!

Does your child love to spin, tumble, climb, swing or hang upside down? We just love to introduce young children to the exhilarating world of circus with a whole array of fun and exciting activities. With age-appropriate skills, these classes are all about teaching kids the fundamentals of aerials while developing coordination, fine-tuning motor skills and increasing body awareness. Check out our class options!

Aerial Circus: 5-7 years | Junior Aerials 8-9 years | Circus Unstructured Boys Only! 5-9 years.

These classes are an awesome way to explore movement and exercise for younger kids with oodles of energy! 

What are classes like?

We have fun, we get silly and we learn along the way! 

Young children aren't known for their attention spans so we like to mix it up to keep them engaged. From basic acrobatic skills such as tumbling, balancing, handstands, cartwheels and bridging to testing out different aerial apparatus including trapeze, lyra, silks and hammock—we keep them busy to burn off some energy! Each class is different and moves onto more challenging skills as strength and flexibility increases.

Our Junior Aerial classes for 8-9 year olds is the follow on class from our fundamental aerial circus class, where we dive into more challenging aerial skills!

The children progress through class levels once they accomplish the required skills!

We have classes on several times a week and holiday workshops too! Check out our timetables for info!

Looking for some circus fun for your younger ones?

Our Circus Kids classes start from 18 months! 

You'll find more info here.


Circus Unstructured!

BOYS ONLY! 5-9 year olds.

Do you have an active young boy who loves physical activity but doesn't thrive in a structured, rigid environment?

Circus Unstructured is the answer!

Dive into the world of aerial circus in a freedom-driven, safe setting tailored for boys aged 5-10.

Perfect for those who revel in climbing, swinging, hanging, and flipping.

Embrace the fun, embrace the freedom and have a high flying time with us!


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