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While exciting and exhilarating, aerials arts may seem somewhat intimidating when you're first starting out. So we've put together a collection of FAQs to help put your mind at ease.

Frequently asked questions

  • What if I/my child isn’t strong or flexible enough for aerials? All of our beginner courses are structured and planned specifically for students with no aerial experience at all. You don’t have to be super strong, fit or flexy to begin with… That’s what we’re here for! We will guide you step by step through our specialised, beginner programs. You’ll be amazed at just how quickly strength, fitness and flexibility will be achieved with a little determination from you, combined with the correct support and training techniques from us!  (The only physical prerequisites for our beginner aerial classes are the ability to comfortably hold your body weight in positions such as: plank hold, push up and straight bar hang. Not sure if you're ready for that? Why not start with out Aerial Yoga programs first, they're the perfect way to gently introduce you to the incredible aerial world!


  • What do we wear for aerials? We recommend full length or 3/4 training tights and a comfortable fitted top or leotard.  Covering backs of knees and waist is preferred, to protect your skin. Hair long enough to be tied up is required to be for safety purposes.


  • What not to wear for aerials? Zippers, or other sharp/abrasive items on clothing, watches, rings and dangling jewellery, shoes, socks, training gloves/gym gloves.


  • What happens in a 1 hour class? All classes start with a full body warm up to ensure your muscles and joints are ready to go! 40-45 minutes is spent on the aerial apparatus, learning your new aerial skills! Our lessons are sequentially structured, based on our levelled syllabus. Students progress confidently and gradually through their new skills, as the term progresses. Each class concludes with some conditioning (aerial specific strength training) and a full body cool down.

  • Do I/does my child get a chance to perform? Absolutely! Our studio runs two large showcases per year (half yearly and end of year), where you can invite your friends and family to marvel at the incredible new skills you have learned and worked so hard for! The Aerial Adults and Aerial Kids Showcases are on separate evenings, to allow for the high volume of students we have performing.


  • Do I/does my child HAVE to perform? Not at all. Whilst we encourage all students to join us in celebrating their skills and achievements during our showcase nights, we understand performing in front of an audience is not for everyone. It is entirely up to the students as to whether or not they would like to perform.


  • What happens when we graduate our first term? Upon successfully completing your first term, you are eligible to move up to the next level and continue climbing the aerial ladder with us! Our levels generally span over two terms (skills & routine term) depending on what term you commence in.


  • What if I don’t like it after my first class? If you're not sure if aerials is for you/your child, you can take advantage of our casual trial class to start with, or an Introductory Workshop. If you don't enjoy your first class, then there is no commitment following this one off class payment. If you love it, then we can help you sign up as new member and get you started!


  • Do I have to pay and sign up for a whole term? Can I pay per class? Our skills & level-based classes do require a full term enrolment, to ensure you keep pace with the sequential structured learning patterns that our syllabus follows along. Full term commitment is necessary for these classes. We do have payment plan options available to make payments a bit more manageable. You can pay per class for casual/fitness based classes such as Aerial Yoga and specialty workshops.


  • What if I am sick or away and miss class throughout the term? You have the opportunity to take advantage of two make up lessons in a full term, if you cannot make your scheduled class. Please understand that makeup lessons are strictly subject to availability, and not an entitlement upon enrolling. We will do our best to find a suitable class/time for a makeup lesson, however if there are no suitable classes available for you/your child to take advantage of, there is no refund/reimbursement available for the classes you miss. The following terms and conditions apply for makeup lessons:

  1. Makeup lessons can only be taken during the term you are currently enrolled into

  2. They can only be taken following the class you have missed, not prior to

  3. If you are missing class in the final week of term there is likely to be no makeup lesson option available

  4. You must notify admin at least 12 hours prior to missing your class, or you will be marked as absent and not eligible to take advantage of a makeup for that lesson (unless a medical certificate is provided)

  5. Makeups cannot be rolled into future terms, or credited to your account

  6. They cannot be transferred as credit for open training, private lessons, workshops or to another student

  7. To book your makeup lesson please contact us a maximum of 5 days prior to the class you would like to do a makeup in and no earlier

  8. These T's & C's form a part of the enrollment form/waiver signed upon enrolling and are non-negotiable

  9. We do endeavour to find a suitable class for you/your child to do a makeup lesson in, however it may not always be possible

  10. When we are in showcase terms, you may not be able to take part in another class despite it being of the similar level, if they are rehearsing an act unknown to you for the upcoming showcase​

  • Can I bring people to watch my classes?

For numerous safety reasons we are a spectator free zone.

Our neighbours also operate heavy machinery within our grounds so we ask that parents/family members kindly only be on site for drop off and pick up of students.

If you would like to show your friends/family your incredible aerial skills, make sure they save the dates and get their tickets for our Aerial Showcases so they can come and cheer you on!

If you are a current/new member enrolled with us, you can download a copy of our Student and Parents Handbook here, with all the info you need regarding your training! 

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