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About Aerial Artistry®

Aerial Artistry® is a supportive and empowering aerial fit studio offering classes for kids, teens and adults. With a structured, sequential curriculum that caters for beginners through to advanced students,  you will be guided by our experienced team to reach your individual goals. Surround yourself with a positive and uplifting community while immersing yourself in an exhilarating new hobby and enjoy the benefits of increased strength, flexibility and overall fitness! 

Rony Elisara, director of Aerial Artistry

Meet our Director

Rony Elisara launched Aerial Artistry® in early 2011 with the desire to share her knowledge, passion and artistry excellence with the greater community.


Aerial Artistry® has since gone on to become South East QLD's largest, dedicated aerial fit studio for children and adults alike.

Over the years, Rony and her team have trained thousands of students, (many of whom have never trained in any form of physical activity previously) to perform amazing skills, whilst gaining incredible strength, increased flexibility, greater health and a good dose of self confidence! 

Rony has been involved in the aerial circus industry for over 20  years, including 8 years performing for the world renowned Aerial Angels. She is also an experienced personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. 

Her knowledge from all aspects of training and performing, are blended together to create Aerial Artistry's unique course structure and curriculum. Designed to allow absolute beginners to build their strength and fitness, classes focus on mastering the aerial fundamentals while helping students achieve feats they'd once only dreamed of.

Our Mission

To safely bring aerial arts to the mainstream by educating and nurturing our students within a positive environment.


To bring together a diverse collection of people who bond and grow over a shared passion.


To advocate for, implement and set standards for safe aerial practice by delivering a structured curriculum which emphasises aerial foundations and fundamentals to ensure competent progressions and development throughout training.

Rony Elisara hanging from aerial silk
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