Aerial Yoga

Take your yoga practice into the air and let gravity help you to bend, stretch and strengthen your body. Our aerial yoga classes are a great introduction to aerial arts for those who may not feel strong enough (or ready) to dive straight into lyra or silks, or to keep you flying through injuries and get you back in the game postpartum!

Get bendy in the air

Like ordinary yoga but way more fun! Our aerial yoga classes are suitable for any body shape or size and are perfect whether you've done yoga in the past or not. In fact, aerial yoga can be easier to master than floor yoga because the hammock holds your body weight while the elevation helps to create length and space in the body.


Aerial yoga classes are fantastic for your neck and back as inversions (getting upside down) in the hammock offer decompression of the vertebrae and promote great spinal alignment. Classes also focus on improving body weight to strength ratio and developing the core strength you need to maintain a strong, healthy body. So, whether you're looking for freedom from back and neck pain, wanting a good introduction to aerial arts without the commitment or just interested to see what aerial yoga is all about, these classes are for you! 

AY Inverted arch.jpg

Casual weekly classes

Unlike our other aerial art disciplines, our aerial yoga classes are offered on a casual basis which means you can pay as you go and book in whenever it suits. There is no set curriculum so you'll never miss anything if you can't make it every week.


As progressions are offered for those who wish to deepen their practice, classes are suitable for beginners through to advanced students. Check out our timetable to find a class that works for you. 

What happens in a class?

Get a glimpse of our Aerial Yoga classes.