Duo Trapeze

Witness this incredible female duo defying gravity with sensational feats of strength, trust, grace and flexibility. Jaw dropping skills and seemingly impossible manoeuvres are executed to perfection. This sensational feature act captures your guests attention from start to finish. You won't find anything else like it, in Australia!

**Due to the technicality of this act, there are specific rigging requirements involved. Please contact our team for more info!

Aerial Silks (Tissu)


Strength and grace are combined on this stunning aerial apparatus, as the aerialist elegantly moves and contorts through folds of fabric. Suspended from high above like ethereal angels in the air.

With death defying drops and beautifuly choreographed sequences, aerial silks is a visually stunning cirque style show.

Also known as aerial fabric or tissu, this act is available as a solo performance or with up to six perfectly synchronised aerialists.  With a range of themes and styles it's the classic, wow factor, aerial act for your event.

(Minimum 5.5 metres height required. A range of different coloured silks are available to suit your event theme)

Duo Aerial Cube 


This stunning, unique apparatus creates an act rarely seen throughout Australia and Asia.

The 3 dimensional aerial cube spins high above as the aerialists weave in and out of it with ease.
Displaying perfect synchronisty, style and grace along with daring feats of strength and trust.
Aerial Duo Cube will captivate you from start to end. 
(Aerial Duo Cube is fully mobile and transportable. Minimum height requirement 5.5 metres)

Aerial Ring (Lyra/Hoop)


Spinning high above, the aerialist entwines her self around the ring.
Displaying feats of strength and flexibility on this beautiful, yet daring apparatus.

Aerial Ring (also know as aerial hoop or lyra) can be performed as a solo or synchronised show, with up to 6 beutifully synchronised girls.

Aerial Ring is also available for aerial ambience at the commencement of your event.

Our gorgeous aerialist spin from the ceiling, in a casual but classy manner. Striking stunning poses and interacting with guests as they enter your event, have a beverage and find their seats. The perfect ambient, mood setter!


Ask us about our Aerial Ambience + Aerial Show Package

Triple Trapeze

Perfcet synchronisation is blended with amazing strength, trust and flexibility on the triple trapeze.


This act is a classy, feminine performance best suited to corprate events and functions. 


Our trio aerial artists perform stunning sequences and aerial combinations, whilst you watch in amazement! 

Working seamlessly together, to bring this unique act to life!

Mobile Aerial Shows
Our freestanding, outdoor aerial apparatus is perfectly suited to numerous, breathtaking aerial displays. And provides a magical twist on all outdoor events, as well as indoor venues without fixed, aerial points.


With a maximium height of 5.5 meters, our aerialists can perform death defying drops, spins and tricks. Blended with stunning and seamless skills and transitions!


All whilst being beautifully framed in lights, by our impressive, freestanding apparatus.

Acts avaialble on our freestanding apparatus:

Solo Aerial Silks (tissu) 

Solo Aerial Hoop (lyra)

Solo Dance Trapeze

Duo Aerial Hoop

Duo Aerial Cube